At Suffolk Hair, our commitment to excellence and continuous growth is a pillar of our salons. And this is showcased through our team’s participation in the Fellowship’s Projects. Hairdressers from across the country gathered in London, meeting mentors, and laying the groundwork for a year of exciting projects and development.

“An Awe-inspiring day.”

Setting the Stage for Success

Each of our team are embarking on a unique project. Beth is diving into Project Extend, expanding her knowledge, bringing hair extensions to her clients suffering from hair loss. Emma is participating in Project Men and Media, refining her skills to offer a full grooming experience. And Bela is undertaking Project Sassoon, learning the techniques which made Sassoon the gold standard in the industry. One commonality among Emma, Beth, and Bela is the desire to expand their knowledge, providing clients with a more diverse skill set.

The day set out the many opportunities awaiting our team members throughout the year. Expanding their expertise with new skills. Exploring creative ventures with photoshoots. And much much more. They all can’t wait to see what lies ahead and the camaraderie left a lasting impression. Building connections with like-minded individuals left the team buzzing. The promises of collaboration will help build their profiles, creating even more opportunities.

Inspiring moments punctuated the training day. Emma mentioned the impactful and speech from Project Men team leader, Simon Shaw. His words resonated deeply, fueling her excitement for the future and the journey ahead.

Encounters with Icons:

An unexpected delight for our team was the opportunity to meet industry icons. including the renowned Hairdresser of the Year, Tracey Ann Smith. The prospect of working alongside such figures ignited a sense of excitement and anticipation. Looking forward, Beth is gearing up for an exploration into trichology, and hair loss. Emma will be diving into the Captain Fawcett Emporium exploring everything they have to offer.

 The enthusiasm, knowledge hunger, and collaborative spirit exhibited by our team highlights the commitment to delivering exceptional service, staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving hairdressing industry. Stay tuned as we continue to share their journey of growth and learning!

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