Who we are:

Yesterday was a big day for Suffolk Hair. We attended the esteemed Fellowship of British Hairdressing Luncheon, which is an annual event that holds a special place in our calendar. This year’s luncheon became even more extraordinary for us as we attended as a finalist. Suffolk Hair has four salons:

Heavenly Hair in Saxmundham,

Hair & Co in Aldeburgh,

Quay Street Collective in Woodbridge,

and Hair Affair in Wickham Market.

All four salons are proud to be one of the top three finalists for the Best Salon Group award. This recognition coincided with the launch of our new website, symbolising the unity of our unique, individual salons under one shared ethos: making the world a better place, one haircut at a time.

Our Impact on the Industry:

Although we didn’t win the award, being recognised by this prestigious organisation confirms our dedication to excellence, even though Suffolk Hair is still young. Receiving this recognition boosts our team’s morale and resonates with our clients, and it also shows support from the larger industry.

At Suffolk Hair, we aim to make a positive impact beyond the salon chair by uniting our salons with a common belief in sustainability, excellence and well-being. Even though we didn’t win the award, we maintain our dedication to improving ourselves and the impact we make.

We know being part of a powerful industry is a big responsibility.

And we want to make a positive impact on the world!

Receiving Recognition:

Janene Hawkins Bush, one of our own, received recognition for her outstanding contributions, receiving a coveted medal for her role as a Regional Ambassador for the Fellowship of British Hair. Working with West Suffolk College, she is passionate about promoting the next generation of talent in the industry through education initiatives. This accolade is a testament to her dedication and the positive impact she continues to make.

When we think about the luncheon and the recognition we received, we feel grateful and determined. Suffolk Hair is not just a collection of salons, but a community, dedicated to making a difference. So while we celebrate the journey so far, we also look forward to the future with renewed vigour. We dedicate ourselves to sustainability, excellence, and community involvement.

The Future:

As we grow and change, our focus will be on sustainability and excellence. We want to make the world better, and we will do that, one haircut at a time.

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