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Where sustainability meets serenity. Founded amidst the challenges of 2020, nestled in Woodbridge, Suffolk, our establishment was born with a mission to redefine the art of hairdressing. As a sustainable hairdresser, our commitment to our clients’ experience and well-being transcends mere hair transformations.

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12 Quay Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BX

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Award Winning Salon

In the heart of Woodbridge, we’ve crafted more than just a salon. We’ve curated an experience that’s centred on you. As the Most Sustainable Salon in Suffolk (2021, 2022), our devotion goes beyond hair – it’s about fostering connections, embracing wellness, and celebrating your unique style journey.

A haven where your hairstylist truly understands your desires. At our vegan hairdressers, your aspirations are our canvas, and your satisfaction is our masterpiece.

Our team includes a dedicated mental health first aider, ensuring that your visit transcends the physical and touches your emotional well-being too. As you embark on your hair adventure, let us pamper you with complimentary refreshments, nurturing both your hair and your spirit.

With a sustainable ethos, our journey is intertwined with yours. Every snip, every colour, and every styling choice reflects our commitment to an environmentally conscious future. 

We invite you to embrace the tranquillity at our eco-conscious hair salons, where hair care is an experience, and appointments are about honouring your journey to wellness.

Step into our space, your sanctuary, and rediscover the joy of self-care. Book your appointment today, and let us weave magic into your hair and harmony into your soul, setting a new standard for hairdressers in Woodbridge and Kesgrave.

“My hair looks amazing I couldn’t be more pleased, great cut and the colour is gorgeous. Thanks Bella”

“I have been going to Quay Street Collective for 3 years now and always leave the salon with a cut and colour that makes me feel fabulous.”

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You can make an appointment in a variety of different ways, call us on 01728 602941, email us at info@suffolkhair.com, fill in our online consultation form, book online, or pop into salon.

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